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CrossFit at County Hall

Ready to revolutionise your training routine? Looking to achieve results quickly? Like the fast pace workout environment?....Yes.....then CrossFit here at County Hall is just what you need!

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The County Hall team put Miss World Contestants through their paces...

On Saturday 22nd November the Marriott Leisure team at County Hall were lucky enough to create and judge the 2014 Miss World Sports Elimination Round. Heart rates were racing away throughout the club on Saturday when 126 budding Miss World contestants pitched themselves up against a physically and mentally exhausting fitness challenge.

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Swimming Nature at County Hall

The Swimming Nature Difference Why do we learn to swim? Because otherwise water is a threat to our wellbeing? No, we learn to swim because being in water should be as natural a part of our existence as being out of it. So at Swimming Nature we start from the premise that water is our friend and everything we teach stems from this fundamental belief.

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Westminster Bridge Road,

T: 0207 928 4900

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Mon-Fri: 5:30am-11pm Sat-Sun 6:00am-11pm.

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