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Challenge of the month

Start with the treadmill on manual mode.  Jog for 5 minutes to warm up. 

* Raise the treadmill incline up 1% and run for 3KM

* Raise the treadmill incline up 2% and continue to increase the incline up 1KM so when you reach 6KM you will be at 4.

* Raise it to 5% at 7KM and run for 3KM, raise it to 6% at 10KM

*Run for a further 3KM before you raise it up another % to 7% at 13KM and run at this stage till you reach 15KM.

*For the FINAL KM push yourself and raise the incline to 8%.


When you have completed the challenge, lower the incline and jog at a low pace to warm down and stretch your muscles.



Please ensure that you have the fitness ability to complete this challenge and if you do not wish to attempt it in 1 day complete it over stages.

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