Bexleyheath - Our team

Claire Tapp, Leisure Club Manager

As the manager of the leisure club for several years, I have had many wonderful memories of all our members old and new. I have an amazing team of staff who are more than capable of helping you with any challenges that you may have.

Jayne Bowen, Health and Beauty Supervisor

HI there my name is Jayne. In 2016 I became the Health and Beauty supervisor. Having worked here for a total of 9 years I have become very close to all the members and regular hotel guests. I always look forward to meeting new people and welcoming them to our spa.

Loreta Raskauskiene, Associate

Hello my name is Loreta. I have been working at the Bexleyheath Marriott for a number of years. This job gives me a lot of satisfaction , because I am working within a great team and everyday I am seeing our fantastic members as well as new custumers. I will be happy to see you in the club soon.

Sarah Dixon, Therapist

Rachel Wallace, Therapist

I have been with the Marriott for a short while now, and I have enjoyed every day. I look forward to meeting new people and helping them to relax and enjoy their spa day.

Linda Higgins, Leisure Associate

Linda has recently joined us in the Leisure club, transferring from our housekeeping department. Quickly learning the ropes Linda will soon be a crucial team member.

Callum Herridge, Leisure Associate

I recently joined the Club here at the Bexleyheath Marriott and I am looking forward to meeting with all the members and guests. I really enjoy the leisure and fitness industry and looking forward to learning and developing my skills further in the coming month. I enjoy football and swimming in my spare time.