Manchester Airport - Our team

Michal Michalski, Leisure Manager

I joined The team at Marriott Manchester Airport in 2009 as Supervisor, promoted to Senior Supervisor in 2013 and Club Manager in 2016. My main interests are weight training and running but I also like brain teasers and Mastersons books. At the moment most of my spare time I spend with my litle son, which I really enjoy!

Laura Travers, Spa Manager

As the spa manager, It's my job to make sure that we can give you little 'moments of magic', Where you can forget about the stresses and worries of everyday life and get to feel pampered for once - be that a relaxing full body massage or a luxurious spa day treat! I joined Marriott Hotels over 4 years ago and thoroughly enjoy my job. I have a great team around me and love making sure that our clients are able to totally relax and unwind when they visit us. We can cater for your every need so please give us a call to find out more!

Stephen Dickens, Leisure Supervisor / Fitness Instructor

Hi I'm Stephen, I have just graduated from the university of Northampton studying international tourism management. I have a passion for fitness & leisure and participate in a number of endurance races, both trail and obstacle course racing. I am delighted to be working for Marriott and I look forward to meeting all of its members.

Graeme Innes, Senior Supervisor

I have been in the fitness industry for about 22 years, Moving through various roles from receptionist to studio instructor, personal training and operations in the leisure club. Originally from Newcastle where I worked for metrocenter Marriott leisure club as the operations manager, where I worked for 11 years, moved to Dubai for 5 years and now back in Manchester Marriott. My passion is in teaching a variety of classes, so if you see me around the club please stop and say hi or if you need any help please let me know.

Susana Gameiro, Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Susana. I have a background in athletics being a former athlete and coach of the sport. I have a BSc Honours degree in Sport Sciences of Évora university in Portugal. This gave me a good foundation to start my career in fitness, which I have developed to become a personal trainer as well as a qualified level 2 group class instructor.

Amy Clarke, Spa Supervisor

I’m Amy, I am the Spa Supervisor here at Manchester Airport Marriott, I have been with the Marriott since April 2014, and here it is my job to ensure your spa day experience is one to remember, to ensure full relaxation and the treatments you truly desire. I love working here and we have a great spa team here to tend your every need, if you need any beauty tips or in need of a little TLC come and speak to one of our therapists and experience one of our great spa packages available all year round! In my spare time you will probably find me still here using the gym and pool area! Come and say hello if you see me around the club

Lydia James, Beauty Therapist

Hi I'm Lydia, I've recently just started working for Marriott Hotels . I love my current job making all my clients feel relaxed and to give them the best experience I could give while doing there treatments. Also I have a 3 year old daughter who I love spending my days off doing actives. I also love to sing and making my own music types.

Kerry O'Connor, Sales Executive

I have worked in the leisure industry for over 15 years, starting off as a lifeguard then fitness instructor before making the move into membership sales. It is my role to welcome prospective new members into the club,to make them feel welcome and to help them embark on a journey that’s going to enhance their health and confidence. I am very focused on showing people how they can achieve their goals and help them to realise how important it is to incorporate exercise into their daily lifestyle. In my spare time I love to keep fit myself with regular swimming and cycling, I am also a keen poker player and like to take part in UK events.

Kelly Cannon, Receptionist

I started with Marriott Leisure in June 2011, I have previously worked in various roles within Marriott since 2007. I have always wanted to work in a customer facing role and I make members feel welcome when using the Marriott Manchester Airport Leisure. My interests are going to the gym, socialising with my friends, going out, cinema and catching the latest movies. I am a big Manchester City fan and love to go to games when I can.

Caroline Cobb, Spa Therapist

Hi I'm Caroline. I love working as a spa therapist a thoroughly enjoy working here at the Marriott four seasons spa. I spend my spare time with my family and friends I also like spa days and beauty treatments, it is one of my passions. Due to this I believe that I can deliver the best experience and high quality of service with a personal touch.

Ruby Lee, Receptionist / Cleaner

I joined the marriott back in 2010 as the leisure club female cleaner since then ive become the face at reception ive also done my lifeguard course so you can see me around poolside. I love working in the club speaking to the members as i love a good chit chat. In my spare time i love running spending time with my 3 boys.

Terri Holden, Leisure Cleaner

I have worked for Marriott Hotel for 11years and in that time i have studied fashion design,hairdressing and had two children. Also i love my job and the team i work with on a daily basic. I love the 80's & 90's music, bright colours and decorating,drawing and spending time with my family.

Neil Secker, Supervisor Cleaner

I have worked at marriott leisure club as supervisor cleaner for 10years.Ive been in cleaning for 25years i love working with the marriott and the leisure team we have.Also love walking my dog on my days off and baking cakes.

Phil Holden, Night Cleaner

I've worked for marriott for 7years now.I love working within the leisure club seeing all the members and staff makes my day. I love to go fishing and going on fishing holidays with my dad and spending time with my family.I also love playing the xbox and love reading crime books and horror books.

Thea Gahan, Head Beauty Therapist

Hi I'm Thea, I've worked as a spa therapist for over five years and thoroughly enjoy my job especially deep tissue massage. In my spare time I love yoga, horse riding and reading and catching the latest movie with friends.

Jamie Borrowdale , Lifeguard

Hi I'm Jamie. I am the newest recruit here at Manchester Marriott. I have recently graduated from Leeds University where I studied Engineering which is a passion of mine along side sports. I have extensive experience as a lifeguard and look forward to meeting all the members.

Mateusz Kedzierski, Lifeguard

Hi I'm Mateusz or 'Matty' for short. I have been with the Marriott for a 9 months now and I enjoy interacting with all its great members. I have many years experience as a lifeguard and sent 5 seasons as lifeguard in my home country of Poland. I am a keen swimmer and enjoy Crossfit and staying fit. If you see me around please say hi or come to me with any questions as I am happy to help.