Members need to sign up for free parking

Dear Members,

Goes live from March 2012

Leisure Members Free Parking for 4 hours

The hotel is introducing a new parking scheme for the car park. Parking will continue to be free for Leisure Club members when they are using the club facilities. However to gain this entitlement you must give us details of any car or vehicle that you may use when visiting the club. If you use an unregistered vehicle you may be charged a fine for parking. it is imperative that you register your car before the launch at the end of March 2012. There is a registration form available with Leisure Club staff that you can complete on your next visit. It is important that you register as soon as you can to avoid any possibie charges being applied. This new scheme is aimed at improving the car park facility and to reduce the number of cars that are using the facilty. This should then increase the availability of spaces on each of your future vists.

Please register today.


The Leisure Team....

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