The Ab Cradle V’s Core Workout

The ab cradle is an advertised piece of equipment which claims to reduce abdominal fat and bring about a positive change in your looks. However this is based on simple sit-ups that can be easily done without any machine.

There are a lot of negative points that have been expressed by customers and fitness professionals.

Fragile parts - The equipment is too fragile after it is assembled making it difficult for people who are well built to use it to do workouts. This fragility creates imbalance while doing exercise which may lead to muscle tear or other muscle problems.

Suits only beginners - Ab Rocker provides exercise that is too basic and is suitable only to beginners. If you want better toning and the much sought after six packs you have to go for more advance equipments that would give advanced options to workout.

Not different from sit ups - The Ab Rocker gives workout that is not different from the traditional sit ups. To do exactly this you can just buy an exercise mat with some back rest and neck rest. You can even perform other core exercise on a mat better than Ab Cradle.

Although the Ab Cradle may appear to be a great piece of equipment; the result that is claimed to be obtained is false. The proposed workout is too basic and is not effective in bringing about the desired change in your abdominal muscles.

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