Top Tip - Fat v Muscle

Here is a helpful explanation regarding the common misunderstanding regarding your weight and fat versus muscle ratio.


The fat on the left of the scale weighs the same as the meat/muscle on the right. Many people start to train but don't rapidly lose weight like they thought they would. Sometimes this is because they are losing fat but gaining muscle, there is a transition / continuum. It is good to get your body analysed by one of the fitness team to get your measurements of FAT V MUSCLE. Obvious signs that you are losing weight are you may suddenly need to go up a notch on your belt or perhaps your clothes are ill fitting and loose even though the scales haven't drasitcally shifted.


Health is also important so ask the fitness team to take regular readings of your heart rate, Vo2 max and blood pressure. You will see your fitness level increasing which will massively help you with your motivation.

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