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Swimming Lessons at Northampton Marriott Leisure Club


You may already be aware that Swimtime will be managing the swimming lessons in our club. This Q&A hopefully answers any queries you might have and confirms details of future lessons.


Q      Who or What is Swimtime?

A      Swimtime is a company which manages swimming lessons in over 200 health clubs throughout the UK. They currently teach over 12,000 children & adults per week so they certainly have the knowledge and experience to deliver a superb lesson programme for us. For more details about Swimtime please go to www.swimtime.org or follow Swimtime on Twitter and Facebook.


Q.     When will Swimtime be starting to teach in my club?

A.      Swimtime will start teaching in October 2013.  These will be private 1:1 and 1:2 lessons.


Q.     On what days will Swimtime teach?

A.      Private lessons are on days and times to suit the individual.

         Please call the Swimtime office for details of availability on 0333 2004944


Q      Do non-members pay the same as members?

A       No. Non members are welcome to join the swim programme but they are required to pay a small surcharge. This is no different from our current arrangements. To qualify for ‘members’ rate a child  should be a member or have a parent or grandparent who is a member


Q.     Who do we pay for the lessons?

A.      Bookings and payments for all swimming lessons should go to Swimtime. You can pay by credit card or debit card.  Please call Swimtime on 0333 2004944 to pay over the phone. There is also a payonline facility.


Q.     At what age do Swimtime take children for lessons?

A.      Regular group lessons start for children from age 4. Swimtime will provide 1:1 or 1:2 lessons for younger children. Please contact Swimtime Home Counties on 0333 2004944 for more information.


Q.     What adult lessons will be available?

A.      Swimtime teachers are very experienced with teaching adults. There will be the opportunity for 1:1 tuition for any adult whose ability ranges from “terrified” to “advanced”


Q.     Will Swimtime teach throughout the year?

A.      One to One lessons continue throughout the year as long as the teacher and the swimmer are available.


Q.     Who is in charge of Swimtime?

A.      Debby Carr is the owner of the Swimtime Franchise for this area. All contact for your lessons in this club will be directly with the Swimtime Home Counties Office on 0333 2004944 or via http://www.swimtime.org/swimtime-home-counties/



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