Gym Challenge

February Gym Challenge


This month there will be 4 challenges to compete in, testing everything.


They will be based on main Cross Fit workouts but slightly modified with 3 grades BLACK, RED & BLUE so it’ll be accessible to all.


Diane – 3 rounds 21 reps 1st 15 reps 2nd 9 reps 3rd


70kg Deadlift              60kg Deadlift               50kg Deadlift

45kg Push Press         35kg Push Press         25kg Push Press


Fran – 3 rounds 21 – 15 – 9 reps


40kg Squat Press        30kg squat Press        20kg Squat Press

Inverted Row              Inverted Row              Inverted Row


Isabel – 30 reps Alternated Dumbbell Snatch


30kg                                       26kg                                    22kg


Annie – Sit Ups & Press Ups. 50 Reps, 40 Reps, 30 Reps, 20 Reps & 10 Rep Rounds.


Winners for each grade will be determined by completing all the challenges and from a point system.



Good Luck


Well done to Matthew Gardner, Mehmet Zengin & Sandra England.

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