Member Satisfaction Feedback


Best thing about the club:


1.     Location and size

You said;   

 - Good location. Nice and close to work. The gym is a good size and the equipment is great.

Never too busy.



2.     The friendliness of other members and staff


You said; 

 - You enjoy chatting to other members in the club. The club has a very relaxed atmosphere.


We said;

 - We pride our club on being somewhere, not only to work out, but somewhere for our members to interact with each other and relax. We will be holding member’s events throughout the year.  



3.     Good advice

You said; 

-       Received good advice when asking about an injury. Also staff are supportive and gave good advice when helping with weight loss goals.  


We said;


-       All of the staff are always here to help if you have any questions. We are currently running a ‘get fit’ scheme which involves, weight management, nutritional advice and monthly weigh ins.

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