10 Minute Core Blasting Pilates Workout

This effective pilates workout takes 10 minutes from start to finish. The following exercises use bodyweight to strengthen the core, improve posture and stretch the muscles.

So grab a mat and get started!


30 Seconds Pilates Curl

Begin by lying face up on the mat.

Exhale, curling your chin towards the chest and bring your shoulders completely off the mat.

Hold for 1 breath, then lower yourself back down slowly.

To engage your abs correctly and avoid crunching your nec, focus on lifting from the breastbone.


60 Seconds Hundreds

Start by lying face up on the mat.

Bring your knees in towards the chest and pick up your head and shoulders like the Pilates curl.

Stretch the hands down by your sides with palms facing the floor.

Extend the lefs so they are at a 45 degree angle to the ground with heels together and toes apart.

Pump your arms vigourously up and down while breathing in for five counts and out for five counts through your nose.

Repeat for 10 sets.


60 Seconds Roll up

Lie face up on the mat with your arms pointing up towards the ceiling.

Exhale, flex your feet, curl your chin towards your chest and roll all the way up to a sitting position with your arms reaching towards your feet.

Keep your head tucked so your ears are in line with your arms.

Exhale and reverse the process in a roll down.

For this move, try to move slowly and smoothly with no forward lunging or jerking.


30 Seconds Rolling like a Ball

Sit on the mat with your knees drawn towards your chest and arms holding our legs.

Rock back so the mat comes in contact with the base of your tailbone and the feet are hovering a few inches off the ground.

Inhale, rolling back to the base of your shoulder blades and exhale, rolling back up to the balanced starting position.


30 Seconds Single Leg Stretch

Lie face up on the mat with your knees drawn towards your chest with your shins parallel to the floor.

Exhale, raising your head, neck and chest off the mat.

At the same time, extend the left leg at a 45 degree angle to the mat while drawing your right knee in towards your chest.

Grasp your right knee with your left hand and your right ankle wtih your right hand.

Switch legs on the inhale and switch legs again on the exhale.


30 Seconds Double Leg Stretch

Bring your knees intowrds your chest, with your arms hugging your shins.

At the same time, lift your head, neck and shoulders off the ma.

From this position, inhale and straighten the legs to a 45 degree angle while simultaneously extending the arms alongside the ears so your body forms a V shape.

Exhale and circle the arms down while bringing the knees in returning to the starting position.

Keep your shoulders off the mat the entire time and maintain even breathing.


60 Seconds Single Leg Stretch

Start by lying face up on the mat with legs and arms straight up in the air perpendicular to the ground.

Bring the right leg in as close to your face as flexibility allows, grasping the lower leg with both hands.

Pulse the leg towards your torso two times while your other leg extends out and away from your body, then switch legs.


30 Seconds Crisscross

Start face up on the mat with your hands behind your neck and elbows wide.

Lift your head, neck and shoulders off the mat.

Bring the left armpit towards your right knee and extend your left leg out to a high diagonal.

Twist to the other side and switch legs, bringing the right armpit towards your left knee and extending the right leg.



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