Leisure Club Team giving back to community

A while ago we thought of doing something useful for our community, which would benefit the actual people in need. Our team started collecting second hand clothes and putting them together to donate them to Oxfam. The outcome was surprisingly good, as we gathered three big bags of clothes we or our friends don’t use anymore. Our personal trainers and hosts, Barry and James, took them to Oxfam bins across the street and happily completed our little project.


One of the promises of Marriott hosts is to serve the community and we are keeping the promise with many different things alongside our project. This is only the start of the year and we are sure to come up with a new project in the soon future.


We gladly encourage all our members to try to give something to community. Even though it is something small, it could make a big difference to someone else.


Your Regents Park Leisure Club Team

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