Praise for our Boot Camp Instructor

Praise for our Boot Camp instructor, Lee Thorpe...
"My younger brother has aspergers and he struggles very much, not only in social situations but also when he finds it challenging to do something. I brought him to the Boot Camp class on Mo...nday night, he was struggling on quite a few exercises and Lee took the time to explain every exercise he was doing on each round we did and also gave him alternative exercises him to do when he was struggling.. He paid so much attention to him and was extremely supportive. I am so touched by this! Naturally I am extremely protective over my little brother but as he struggles alot its even more so. Lee was amazing with him and I really feel people should know how great he was with him"
Boot Camp is open to non members at £6 per session and takes place rain or shine Monday's and Wednesday's @ 1800 and Saturdays @ 0900

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