Whirlpool Update.


Dear Leisure Members,                                                                                                                          


Further to my last update on the situation with our Spa replacement in the club, I wanted to write to update you as to the position we are in at present.

We have submitted the request for replacement; however it is still under review, due to the complexity and large costs involved in replacing the existing unit.

I do appreciate that this situation is ongoing for some time and therefore I have decided to reduce your individual membership fees by 20% from the beginning of May as by way of compensation for the continued absence of one facility.

We will continue to run the free tea and coffee until the end of April, and then switch to the reduction in membership fees, which shall remain in place until further notice and a concrete resolution is agreed upon.

I do thank you for your patience and loyalty during the last few months and will continue to update you as and when I receive further updates.

Yours Sincerely,


Michael Downie

General Manager



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