Fitness Tip of the Week

What is the core? Well it consists of abdominal muscles groups the transverse abdomens, internal oblique’s, external oblique’s, and rectus abdomens, hip abductors and adductors, hip flexors, the pelvic floor, and lumbar spine

Here is 2 ways to help improve and prevent instability in this area,

  • Strengthening with a front Plank, placing your weight on elbows and toes.  Squeezing stomach muscles and gluteus. Hold for 30 seconds. 5 repetitions
  • Stability ball oblique twist, lie down on ball with your shoulders resting on the ball, raise arms up above your chest and place palms together, twisting your upper body and arms to the left, while keeping your hips up and stationary. Now twist back all the way to  the right repeat 10 x 3 times
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