Fit Tip Of The Week

Excuses. I can’t stand them. Every second person I speak to has one. “I went to bed too late”, they declare. “The kids are too full on at the moment”, “Work is MENTAL!”, “I’ve just lost my mojo”… You know what? I’ve heard them all. I’ve also met my share of people with real dedication though; the people who see the seeds of an excuse and use the challenge like a red flag to a bull, charging at it full steam ahead and getting their fitness where it belongs - right up the top of their list of life’s priorities.  

Here’s a list I put together to help you combat your setbacks

  • Stop feeling guilty about making time for you
  • Just start - Five minutes is better than no movement at all
  • Keep it simple (don't make 'it's too hard' an option)
  • Turn off the telly (get to bed)
  • Omit - make a statement to your family; shout it loud on Facebook. Be accountable.
  • Change for the Better

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