Kinetica Protein Now On Sale

Kinetica protein is now on sale at the leisure club reception 
High Protein, fat free, ready-to-drink milk-based beverage

•    High quality milk proteins 
•    Only 170 kcals and fat free
•    No added sugar
•    Gluten free
•    Aspartame free
•    Free of artificial flavours and colours

Kinetica’s high protein ready-to-drink milk beverage offers a super convenient way to consume high quality protein for a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. It delivers 27g of protein per 330ml bottle, is fat free, gluten free and only 170kcals. Our tasty RTDs contain fresh pasteurised skimmed milk in addition to high quality milk proteins. Kinetica’s RTD does not contain any added sugar or maltodextrin – only contains sugars naturally occurring in milk and are free of any artificial flavours and colours.

Kinetica high protein RTDs are batch tested to the highest quality standards. For all of our customers, we demand and expect the same standards for all to ensure we provide a safe and dependable milk-drink product.

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