Pool Usage Information

Welcome to our Leisure Club

Pool Usage Information

Whilst using the club please be aware of the following policies which you will be required to follow.

Please Note: This swimming pool is unsupervised.

Please make yourself aware of the depth of the pool and signs indicating any change in depth.

Rescue buoys are located on the side of the pool.

Parents / Guardians are responsible for the children in their care and must be present at all the times whilst their child / children are using the facilities.

The following Adult to Child ratios must be followed whilst using the pool:

- All children under the age of 16 and non swimmers must be supervised by a responsible adult (aged 18 or over) at all the times whilst in the facility.

- For non-swimmers or weak swimmers of all ages, an Adult must be in the pool supervising the child / children at all the times. - Non-swimmers or weak swimmers must wear flotation devices.

- 1 Adult in the pool per Child below 5 years, irrespective of swimming ability.

- 1 Adult in the pool for two Children aged between 5 - 7, irrespective of swimming ability.

- Children under the age of 16 are NOT permitted to use the sauna, steam room or spa bath.

- Please practice courtesy to other users. - No diving, jumping or horseplay.

- Food and beverage to be consumed in designated areas only.

- No cameras or mobile phone photography.

- Please shower before entering the pool.

- Swim nappies to be used.

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