Foods Triathlete's Eat

Nutrition Guide

  Foods Triathletes eat to train

1.Chicken • high in protein to repair muscles after training

                 • Low in fat

                 • Helps to keep you full longer

                 • Ideally served with brown rice or with green veg


2.Oily Fish • E.g Salmon, Mackerel, herrings, sardines, are rich in Omega 3 oil, essential for development   and maintenance of brain tissues.

                  • Essential in prevention of joint injuries


3. Eggs  

               • High in protein

               • Has the full range of essential amino acids, important for repair

               • Contain many essential vitamins: B2, B6, B12 and Vit A.



                   • Great source of dietary fibre, B6, potassium and manganese, all essential for focus, repair and a healthy nervous system.

                   • Also contain Vitamin C, vital for fighting infections and maintaining a healthy immune system.

                   • Are a great, easy source of carbohydrates for training & racing.



                   • Used by Vegetarian and vegan athletes to obtain enough protein

                   • Contain essential iron for production of red blood cells, necessary for cardiovascular sports.

                   • Contain 0% fat and a good source of dietary fibre.

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