Gym Based Triathlon ◦Row 2KM, Bike 5KM and Run 3KM - 10Km completed in one visit to the gym

This challenge has been set to push and inspire gym goers of all levels and abilities. The distances have been chosen so you can complete the challenge in one visit to the gym.


Some handy tips!

  • Warm up before you start exercising
  • Run, row and cycle in any order and take breaks in between if you need them
  • Using the Quick Start setting on the bike and treadmill, build your pace to a comfortable level
  • Complete the 3 disciplines in one visit to the gym - and remember you can have a break between disciplines

    Once you have finished it why not see if there any fellow gym goers that what to see if they can do it and beat your time!


    Best of Luck!!

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